How many mediocre poems
Fall in between the pages
Of the masterpieces
Sonnets in the triple digits
Never memorized by students or suitors
Eldorados to The Raven
Little eulogies on left hand pages
forever undogeared

How many mediocre moments
Fall between the revelations

Peanut butter sandwiches
Before the passion of a new lover

Dirty dishes
Following a funeral

Hungry cattle
Intervening in divorce.

Steps in the middle of the flight of stairs
the space between floors
hallways that lead to better rooms.

Tuesdays never get to be a holiday.

They are the thin dull paper
The 22nd birthday
The 7th anniversary
forced to be on duty
Burned at the hearth
to stoke the fire for other days
that get the glitter and the billboards.

Simple moments
tied up with plain string
left to fend for themselves