Making Peace With the Bees

Making Peace With the Bees

Your buzzing is

but I guess
to a bee
that’s the only way
to be a bee

To you, it’s
be buzzing or
be dead it’s
be buzzing or
be nothing

as you float
I begin to realize
you’re just another
being with your
own way
of being

I can see you just
are who you are
and it’s not fear
I should feel but
at your being
because your buzz
is just the sound
of your soul

Snake River, Wyoming

Snake River, Wyoming

This image was made on August 19, 2013.

Snake River bend is one of the most photographed places on earth. I was very much looking forward to my moment to photograph it. Now, being a photographer, my fantasy was to photograph it sunset as the colors burst across the sky or at sunrise as the light flowed over the water. But, we arrived at 5 pm. Long after the golden hour of sunrise and way before the golden hour of sunset. And we were on a schedule. I had 30 minutes. I was disappointed in myself. I didn’t know when I’d be back.

So I sneaked down the bank of the river, got out my wide angle and appreciated the beauty of the moment I was offered. This image is the result.

I am routinely challenged as a commercial photographer to make art out of the moments I’m offered. In the beginning of my career, this drove me crazy and I fought against it. But was like rowing up a whitewater rapid. So instead, I learned to roll with it — and, as I’ve become mature in my craft, I’ve learned that those moments — the ones I am offered and accept without an attempt to alter them into something more “ideal” — are the moments when I capture some of the most beautiful images.

It is a metaphor for life as well.

If you’re always seeking to create the perfect moment, you will miss the perfect moment you’ve been given.

The Guardian

The Guardian

To most dogs, a chicken is food.

Not to a livestock guardian dog (LGD), however. These unique beings have accepted the covenant of watching over flocks and herds. They are the protectors of what others would kill — of what they, themselves, have been designed by nature and evolution to eat for sustenance.

They will literally die for the life of the beings they have chosen to protect.

Today, the world seems to want to curse farmers for everything and especially how they treat the animals headed to the tables of the world. But farmers are like the LGD, they will lay down their lives for their charges — and many times they do. Farming is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Spend a few minutes around a power-take-off (PTO) run farm implement and you’ll see how easy it is to lose an arm or a life.

Just like an LGD, farmers care deeply and instinctually about their livestock. Every farmer I know makes sure their stock is cared for before their own families and definitely before themselves.

Just like Arcanine the LGD in the photo, they watch over their charges, relentlessly dedicated to their survival.